Muscle Therapy

We believe that a healthy body combines a well-functioning spine and nervous system with a relief from muscular tension. This is why we put great emphasis on muscular therapy during our treatments, which increases the efficiency of our medical care.

Active release technique

ART is a manual treatment technique for musculoskeletal conditions. Once damaged, our tissues often react with over-correction, which leads to thickening and stiffness. This reaction is often the cause of long-lasting pain, and makes it easier to relapse. The goal of ART is to locate and manually undo these restrictions in your muscles and ligaments. This brings back movement fluidity and even improves flexibility; therefore optimizing the body's functions.

Graston technique
Graston is an innovating detection technique that treats soft tissue lesions. Once hurt or chronically surcharged, musculoskeletal tissues react often by scarring. These scars can modify the tissue movement and regularly cause weakness and pain. The Graston technique uses specially conceived stainless steel tools in an innovating way, to improve the chiropractor’s ability to find and break adherences in muscular and ligament tissues, as well as fibrosed tendons. These instruments make it easier to diagnose patients and allow the doctor to treat any type of lesion: chronic or acute, superficial or deep. The treatment results in a diminution of the pain, improvement of the function; and all that in less time and less sessions.

Kinesio Taping
The Kinesio Taping method was conceived to facilitate the body’s natural healing process, while allowing for a better stability and support of the muscles and articulation, without restricting movement amplitude. This method is successfully used to treat various orthopedic, muscular, neuromuscular, neurologic, and medical conditions. The bandages are made from Kinesio Tex tape and, in most conditions, have shown superior results when compared to “traditional” bandage methods.