Chiropractics and workplace: a winning formula

In this era of new technology, many of us have a job that requires us to be seated at a computer desk, our eyes glued to a screen all day long. Did you know that this type of work increases your risks of muscle and bone problems (musculo-skeletal disorders), such as back pains, neck pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome?

As prevention specialists, chiropractors are experts in injury-reducing techniques, such as ergonomics for the office. Still, as the human body is not well-adapted to office work, such an environment, even a highly ergonomic one, will increase your risks of injury. Any discomfort, even a small “irrelevant” one, can take your energy, reduce your productivity, and make you dread going to work Don’t wait for your work posture to give you long-term injuries: be proactive and consult a chiropractor today.